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Company profile

Foshan Wharton equipment technology Co.,LTD is located in Foshan city, Guangdong province. It is a National high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights for automatic spraying of industrial robot. It is an integrated company with research, producing, sales and service brought together. Products mainly used in wooden door, panel furniture, decorative plate, plastic plate, glass, aluminum, wood, hardware plastic, ceramics etc, it is one of the industry leaders in the domestic intelligence spraying technology.

Wharton Equipment is committed to the Chinese dream with concept of “Science and Technology achieve productivity”, actively absorbing advanced robot technology at home and abroad, developing the spraying robot with Chinese characteristics according to the spraying technology of wooden furniture manufacturer in China, providing personalized and systematic solution for intelligent spraying, based on user preference.
Wharton Equipment cooperates with a number of domestic colleges and universities for industry-university-research. Along with growing and become stronger, Wharton Equipment speeds up the development of industrial robot in market segment application, making itself to be a well known brand which has Global influence in industrial robot application fields.

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