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Wharton equipment became the vice president unit of the Door and Window Committee of the Furniture Industry Association of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce
Time: 2018/10/27 0:00:00


In the 40 years of rapid development of China's door and window industry, the industry has made remarkable achievements, but also encountered the bottleneck period of consumption upgrading and diversification transformation of enterprises. In order to maintain the good momentum of the development of doors and windows enterprises and guide the sustained, healthy and standardized development of the industry, on September 1, the Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce successfully held the inaugural meeting of the Special Committee on doors and windows and the first China Conference on Innovation and Application of the Supply Chain for doors and windows.

Industry Overview
According to the national statistical data, the market scale of door and window industry in China has exceeded 660 billion yuan in 2017. In the future, with the continuous innovation and reform of the door and window industry in China, the industry market will continue to grow.
With the continuous development of the door and window industry, doors, windows, curtain walls, sunshine rooms and other products have gradually become the leading products of home building materials. However, according to the survey, some enterprises still have a large room for improvement in the painting process. Water-based paint spraying and drying, UV topcoat spraying and drying, and how to improve the automation of spraying are still the difficulties and pains in the painting process of the door and window industry, which need to be solved urgently by enterprises.

Establishment of the Special Committee on Doors and Windows

In response to the requirements of the door and window enterprises, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce and Research, on September 1, the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce and Professional Committee was formally established. The Committee covers enterprises such as door and window production, accessories, materials, equipment, distributors and stores. It thoroughly opens the whole industry chain of door and window industry, realizes the division of labor and cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises, and promotes the overall competitiveness of the industry.

At the conference, Wharton Equipment was awarded a licence by the Commission and became the first vice-president unit. Next, Wharton equipment will serve the door and window industry with intelligent painting technology. In the process of diversified development, it will go deep into the door and window industry, exchange and make progress together.

The core is in Waugh

On the scene of the conference, Mr. Yang Shunhua, Director of Wharton Equipment Painting Technology Application Center, gave a speech to introduce the intelligent coating technology of Wharton Equipment.

Wharton equipment focuses on the field of intelligent painting, and is committed to helping wooden doors and windows enterprises solve the problems of intelligent painting and automated production in the back section, spraying and drying of water-based paint and UV finish, breaking down the pain points of low efficiency and poor painting effect.
After the Wharton equipment is connected to the production line, the product can be quickly coated. It saves paint and labor, and achieves high efficiency painting for wood products.

Wharton Equipment, as the vice-chairman unit of the door and window Professional Committee of the National Federation of Industry and Commerce Furniture Decoration Chamber of Commerce, has been recognized by the industry for its development strength. In the future, Wharton Equipment will continue to insist on Intelligent innovation, uphold the concept of technology to achieve productivity, promote the development and upgrading of intelligent painting, and provide high-quality services for the door and window industry.

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